Study on Reflective Material on Primitive Bodies


This study is meant to help artists to understand the behavior of reflections by curved surfaces. In this step primitive bodies are placed in a generic environment with the following background image:

  • “RED” Horizont with indicators of the direction by N/O/S/W
  • “Blue” Sky region. Here the altitude of the sky is shown by different values of blue. The darker the blue the higher the sky position.
  • “Brown” Ground region. The distance is given by different values. The darker the closer.
  • “PINK” top point. The pink line becomes a pink point in the environment mapping. It indicates the position of the sky which is directly above the camera.
  • “GREEN” standing position. The green line becomes a green point in the environment map. This points indicates the position under the viewers feet.

In this study different reflecting primitive shapes are shown in the following gallery.

  • Sphere/Elipsoid
  • Cylinder
  • Torus (Donut)
  • Round-Corner Box
  • Cone

Summary “Cheat-Sheets” for Reflections on primitive bodies: