Creative Combinations Tool

This small tool should give you a helping hand, when you are stuck in front of a white canvas and you do not know what to draw.

The table below gives you just keywords. Your task is to combine those keywords to one scene.
It is often very hard to include all keywords in one reasonable image. However, the more you can consider the more fun it is 🙂

If one set is too difficult, you can re-generate the table by the button below.

If you have more ideas for categories or entries. Please contact me.

What should be the eye-catcher?
Fundamental Skill to emphasize Animal Anatomy Anatomy Animals
Light Conditions
Light Type and primary direction Diffuse Light Diffuse Light / Back Light Back Light
Light Source Artificial Lightartificial
Environment Theme and Weather rain / urban
Shot setup
Camera Angle High-Anglehigh-angleMedium Shot medium-shot
Texture Theme ice
Age far-future
Culture Reference mid/south america
Story Genre musical/dance
Purpose (what should be done) education
Task (what is done) puzzle
Mood relaxing